simple and flexible energy yield forecasts for photovoltaic plants.

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Driven by intelligent, autonomously learning algorithms you no longer require tedious plant specifications – all that is needed are the actual power generation data from the last few days. Even periodical shadow or soiling-related yield loss are factored in automatically.

Precise Weather Forecasts

The yield prognoses are based on high quality weather forecasts of a leading forecast service. They can be delivered for a various number of places with hourly resolution and a prognosis horizon of up to six days.

Satellite Data

In addition to weather forecasts we also use satellite data for even higher quality prognoses.

RESTful Web Service

PVCAST is completely accessible through a RESTful web service API. This enables an extremely simple and seamless integration into your extant systems.

Data Formats

Yield and weather prognoses may be obtained in JSON, XML, or CSV format.

Responsive Design

The website and its contents adapt automatically to your screen size. This enables optimal presentation on both mobile devices and desktop computers.


PVCAST will be offered at 59.90 € (7% German tax included) per year / plant for small plants up to 15 kWp. For larger plants, we will make an offer tailored for you based on maximum power generation of the plant.