With only two steps you can reach your individual energy yield forcasts for photovoltaic plants.

1. Step Define your photovoltaic plant

Registering your PV plants with PVCAST is simple and painless. Either manually via the website by placing a marker on the map, or automate the registration via our RESTful API.

In this example, the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Mathematics was chosen as plant site.

2. Step Submit historical PV generation measurements

Upload your historical PV generation data. From these, an intelligent algorithm indentifies the characteristics of your plant. After only two days, you will receive your first energy yield forecast. For optimum forecast quality, you should submit 21 days worth of data.

Solar module and inverter characteristics, module alignment, shadowing, etc. will be taken into account automatically.

Done! Query energy yield forecasts

On the PVCAST website the energy yield forecast is presented to you as follows:

This exemplary yield forecast has been generated for a rather complicated plant: it is installed on a carport roof at an oblique angle with multiple sources of shadowing.

Click on Details in order to receive a global radiation forecast (both cloudy and clear-sky) as well as a temperature and precipitation forecast for your plant site.

In addition to the website you can also query the forecasts via our RESTful API in order to integrate PVCAST into your application. Currently, we provide JSON, XML and CSV as the most common data formats.


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